Create and record in a peacefull place

The Studios


Recording, mixing, mastering, rehearsal, pre-production, mobile recording…


Set in a big farmhouse in the heart of “les monts du lyonnais”, Purple Sheep was built for musicians to play and create in an inspiring cocoon. Every session is unique and needs its own set-up. That‘s why our recording areas are all combinable and adjustable without limits. The day light, the peacefulness and the natural beauty of the surroundings make it a great residential recording studio, a stone’s throw from Lyon.



The Control Room

Welcome to Purple Sheep’s brain! Not far from a full option spaceship, the control room hosts a collection of modern and vintage equipment to get the sound you are dreaming of. From our very clean preamps to our romantic tape echo, we get everything you need to give you a unique character.

The Live Room

The balanced sounding and broadness of the live room never disappoints. 56m², 5 meters ceiling height, it is the main recording space. Its connection with studio B and our two isolated booths and its individual mixers monitoring system offer an outstanding comfort.

The ISO-booths

You need a dryer drum sound? This vocals, guitar amp or double-bass must be isolated? Come in our iso-booths. They are connected with the set and together with mic, instrument and speaker cable to be a fast and effective solution whatever your set-up.



The Lab

80 m2 dedicated to creation. It is an independent recording area for lower budget projects. It hosts an high-end open-space control room and a big PA system. Studio B is definitely the best deal for your pre-productions, rehearsals, residences and composing times. Completely wired to the control room, it is also a powerful expansion to Studio A.

Mobile studio

You want to record an album in a special acoustic, a live show, an event? Cosily set in Studio B or anywhere you want it to be, our mobile set-up will bring you the precision and mojo you are looking for your recordings. With its Antelope Orion 32 interface, ATI and Audient preamps, Equator D5 monitoring, it does not compromise on quality.



Savoir-faire & creativity


Entering Purple Sheep Studio means working with a demanding and experienced team. Our motto : comfort and flexibility. From recording to mixing, including our mastering service, we maintain an optimal workflow.


Voice over
Mobile recording
Live recording


Multi-track mix
Stems mix
On-line mix
Music mix
Live mix
Video stereo mix


CD / DDP mastering
Vinyl mastering
Mastering for iTunes (MFIT)
Mastering for streaming
Stems mastering


Writing and composing

Purple Sheep Team

Mathieu Gaud

From Steve Albini’s headquarters in Chicago to Mikrokosm Studio in Lyon, Mathieu built a varied and in-depth studio experience. Fuelled by his insatiable curiosity, he worked with artists as diverse as Thurston Moore, Bojan Z, Quatuor Béla, etc…

Guillaume Toullec

Guillaume built a solid experience in sound recording while in Paris. He exercised his ear and his efficiency at Davout and Meudon studios. Passionate, he is always up with the last broadcasting standards and the new sound-processing tools.


Working his magic in the studio, mixing live concerts or using his soldering iron, Charles knows is familiar with the different aspects of the sound. Over the 5 years he spent recording in his own studio in Leipzig, he had the chance to work with artists spanning a wide array of musical cultures and to hone his electronic creativity.



Analogic mojo and digital precision


Blending the best of analog and digital equipments, our ProTools HD system can record up to 64 tracks. Vintage and modern outboards, tube condenser or ribbon microphones, not forgetting our backline, all our gear is listed here :


Large Diaphragm Condenser

Microtech Gefell UM70S + MV 692 P48 (x2)
Audio Technica 4033a/SM
Oktava mk220 (x2)
Studio Project C1

Small Diaphragm Condenser

MBHO MBP 648 (x2) + MBHO KA200 (x2)
Avenson Audio STO-2 (x2)
Lomo UM53 FET
Sennheiser MH 125 Pre + MK 12 (x2)
AKG C535 EB (x2)
Audio technica ATM33 (x2)
Audio technica AT pro 35 + AT8538
Schoeps/Strässer CM060 + 640T
Sennheiser MKH435T (x2)
Sennheiser MKH406T (x2)
Sennheiser MKH 416T


Pearlman TM1
Lomo 19a19 (K67 type)
Advanced Audio CM28 (x2)


Melodium RM6 (x2)
Beyerdynamic m160 (x2)
Beyerdynamic m500
Reslo « The Beeb » by Xaudia (x2)
Cascade Lundahl Fathead (x2)
T.bone RB 500 (x2)

DI / Reamp

Avalon U5
Little Lab Extender (x2)
Radial Pro DI
Klark Teknik DN 100 (x2)
Samson S-Direct Plus


Sennheiser MD441-2
AKG D20 B 200
Echolette ED12/200 (AKG D12)
Echolette ES14 (Sennheiser MD409)
Beyerdynamic m380
Electrovoice RE-27
Electrovoice PL-20 (RE-20)
Sennheiser MD421HL
Sennheiser MD421 N
Shure SM7b
Beyerdynamic m600 Soundstar
Audio Technica ATM25
Sennheiser MD431
Beyerdynamic M201N(C)
Revox M3500 (Beyerdynamic M201) (x2)
AKG D112 M
AKG D190 (x3)
Shure 545 (SM57 vintage)
Shure SM57 (x4)
Shure SM58 (x3)
Beyerdynamic m61
Sennheiser MD427
Shure B52A
Audix D2
Audix D1
Audix I5 (x2)
Behringer XM1800 (x3)



Ampex 601 Tube Custom (x2)
Neumann V476b (x2)
Sound Skulptor MP512
Sound Skulptor MP573
SSL SuperAnalogue (x2)
DAV Electronics BG8 (x8)
Lindell 6×500 (x2)
ADM 780
FMR Audio RNP (X2)
Audient ASP008 (x16)
Alice Mic Amp Pak 1 (x2)
Digitec High End Broadcast (x5)


Tornade MS ES-Series
Lindel 7×500 (x2)
Estec Twin Comp
Estec Megafour


Roland Chorus Echo RE-301
Alesis Midiverb II
Sony DPS V77
TC Electronic D2
Fx Pedals (see Backline)



Quested V2108
Equator Audio Research D5 (x2)
Yamaha HS50
Sound Skulptor MC624
RFT BR25 (Geithain)

Headphones & Amps

Sennheiser HD-25-1 II (x2)
Sony MDR7506
Sony MDR V6
Audio Technica ATH-M30x
Audio-Technica ATH-M20 X (x5)
AKG K240 Mk2
Headphones Amplifiers
Hear Technologies Hear Back (x6)

Digital Audio

Converters AD / DA

Apogee AD-16X
SSL Xlogic Alpha Link Madi SX
SSL Xlogic Alpha Link Madi AX
SSL Xlogic Delta Link Madi HD
Antelope Orion 32

Control Surfaces

SSL Nucleus
Presonus Faderport

DAWs & Plugins

Avid Pro Tools HDn 12
Avid Pro Tools 11
Avid Pro Tools 10
Soundtoys 5
PSP Audioware
Plugin Alliance
Native Instrument Komplete 10


Apple Imac 4.0GgHz
Apple Mac Book Pro


Motu Midi Express 128
M-Audio USB M-61
Korg SP-250 Piano
Akaï MPK Mini



Fender Jazzmaster J. Mascis Signature Purple Sparkle
Italia Rimini Semi-Hollowbody, Pink Mother Of Pearl
Epiphone LesPaul Standard (w/ Seymour Duncan mics)
Guild GAD-30 PCE
Art & Lutherie Dreadnought Cedar
Cort earth-230

Bass Guitars

Fender Mustang Bass 83′
G&L L-2000 Bass [Asia]


Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue (combo)
Fender The Twin (combo) on demand
Bouyer ST-20 1959 (x2)
Acoustic Corp 150b
SWR Workingman’s 15 (combo) on demand
Sovtek MiG 50
Acoustic 220


Bösendorfer 280 « Imperial » 92 keys 1973
Clavia Nord Stage on demand
Concorde Marimba
Concorde Xylophone
Vintage Italian Leslie


Fender Bandmaster [Eminence HPs] 2×12
Marshall 1965B Lead 4×10
Ampeg SVT15E
Carlsbro CS215 Greenback 2×15
WEM Power Bass 2×12
Garen Open Back (8×6)
Acoustic 402

FX Pedals

Diamond Vibrato Chorus
MXR Analog Chorus
Electro-Harmonix Pulsar
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone
Diamond Quantum Leap
Hardwire Supernatural Reverb
Electro-Harmonix Holygrail
Boss DD6
Zvex Distorsion
Zvex Mastotron
Boss SD-1
Boss Blues Driver
Digitech Wammy
Big Muff (Green Russian)


Tromsa picollo Poplar 14×3
Yamaha Classic 14×4,5

Drum Kits

Olympic Premier 1970 : BD 20×14, 12×8, 13×8, 16×15
Yamaha SC Advantage : 20”, 14”, 12”, 10


13” HH Zildjian K/Z
22” Ride Zildjian ACustom Ping Ride
15” Crash Zildjian ACustom Fast Crash
17” Crash Zildjian ACustom Projection Crash
20″ Crash Zildjian Oriental Crash Of Doom
Hand Percussions

Live Mixer and PA

Behringer X32
Mackie 1642-VLZ3
Yamaha 01V
HK Audio PA (2 tops & 4 subs)



Inside and outside the studio


AB Records / Steve Albini / Dennis Alcapone / An Tri Dipop / Annuluk / Artshitect / AshKey / Avion / Bank Myna / Bantu Nani / Quatuor Béla / Bélial / Belvoir / Michel Benita / Bob & Flanaghan / Sebastien Boisseau / Bojan Z / Bumpkin Island / Canal B / Candelilla / André Cecarelli / Calypso Rose / Choeur (Bertrand Cantat, Bernard Falaise, Pascal Humbert, Alexander MacSween) / Chain & The Gang / Cheddar Costard / Cleo / The Cloche / Crizz / Kris Dollimore / Stéphane Damiano / Matthieu Donarier / Die Hermann / Don Corleone / Don Glow / Dolus Mutombo / Druides / Echo Ranks / E-CORE / EIEN / The Enchanted Wood / Fables / The Faraway Tree / Filligar / Free O’Clock / Frustration / FR3 Bretagne / Fun Fun Funeral / GangRennes / Gustav Geisler Sextett / GHST / Glad / Elie Granger / Le Groupe Obscur / Marcel Guilloux / Anne Heisig / Im7teen / INA / In A Nutshell / Jasual Cazz / Jazz’Elles / JC Satan / Jean-Louis / Jones / Jonfen / Radio Kreiz Breizh / Thurston Moore Band / Lady Mountain / Sonia Larue / Eliane de Latour / Claude Leroux / LeSix Lpc / David Linx / Longueur d’ondes / Loop DeLuxe / Magritt / Ensemble Marani / Marla Fredonne / Marnitude / Masal / Mathis / Max Der Zinger / McDonnell Trio / Julie Meckler / Mileck / Monograaf / Nils Arrec / Nufa / One Chord And The Truth / Eve Ottino / Outshape / 1 geste pour Haïti (Passi, Jacky & Ben-J) / Passepartout / Polar Polar Polar Polar / Protoje / Sabine Pousset / Radical Chic / Ride On Music / Griffin Rodriguez / SACEM / Sapho / Satellite Jockey / Scarf / Nadine Maria Schmidt / Schwarz Kaffee / Rhoda Scott / Saint Sadrill / Seinn O / The Siamese / Sierra Manhattan / Skalp / Snaar J / Sniff Marker / Sofar Sound / Soft Blonde / So Wax / Spitzer / Spring Barley / Stabatt / Monsieur Stern / Stokolm / Stupead / Teeth (John Grabski) / Thalamos / Eric Thomas / Thomas James Folks / Thurston Moore Band / T-Shirt / Vesperland / Veuve Blanche / Winston Mcannuf / White Mystery / The Wow Signal / Youhadenn / You’ll Brynner / Yukel / Les ZoiZelles / ZONK …



A spacious and comfortable cottage awaits you next to the studio


A vast living room4 independent bedroomsTwo bathrooms (shower and toilets)A fully equipped kitchenInternet access, Wi-FiA barbecueA Molky

+ It can accommodate up to 8 persons. According to your needs, additional bedrooms offering shower and toilets are available (up to 16 additional beds)



For booking and further information, please contact us!



+33 (0)6 89 26 73 32
Le Clos Saint Joseph – 205 chemin de Rossand
69610 Saint Genis l’Argentière

6 + 15 =

Only 45 minutes drive from Lyon and Saint-Étienne


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